Korea–Japan Undersea Tunnel

One of the projects that have become aged without being implemented is the tunnel that would connect the two countries of Korea and Japan. This has been a plan that was introduced as early as 1917 but the concrete planning was done in the 1940s in its early part. But it was not taken seriously until World War II was over. The plan was to build a tunnel from Japan going to South Korea. It would pass in the strait of Iki and Tsushima and it will then cross into the Korea Strait.

One of the challenges of this project is the distance that it would cover. It would be the longest and nothing of that distance can be compared to the ones that were already made. But because of its benefits that the project is still kept alive. In the year 2008, the project came to a revival when lawmakers in Japan have discussed its fulfillment. They have made a committee that would make it possible. One of the steps taken is the group study done by the two countries in the year 2009.

The leader of the committee was Huh Moon-do which is the director before of the National Unification Board of South Korea. The tunnel would be beneficial for both countries as there are people who travel daily between the two countries. It is also a cheaper alternative to transporting freight. The distance is 200km in length. It is seen as a great contribution to the economy of the two countries.